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One Call Install Water Heaters

The 2018 Water Heater Program applies to any electric water heater (i.e. new home, gas replacement, electric replacement). All water heaters are purchased through Clark County REMC.

Electric Water Heaters

One Call Install Pricing - Installation by REMC

Size Member Price Monthly Fee (over 5 months)
40 Gallon $659 $131.80 + tax
40 Gallon mobile home  $769 $153.80 + tax
50 Gallon $659 $131.80 + tax
  • Prices subject to change
  • Purchase price may be put on REMC electric bill over five months pending credit approval
  • Install a timer with the REMC's Take the Load Off program and receive an additional one time $25 bill credit.
  • Pricing does not include any additional wiring that may be needed and is the responsibility of the REMC member.


Water Heater Only – No Installation

Size PurchasePrice Monthly Fee (over 5 months)
40 Gallon $329  $65.80 + tax
40 Gallon mobile home  $409 $81.80 + tax
50 Gallon $329 $65.80 + tax
  • Price does not include sales tax and is subject to change.
  • The water heater will be delivered to your location free of charge for you to install or have your plumber install. Free delivery.
  • The purchase price will be added to your account pending payment history and is payable over five months.
  • Electric water heater replacements must have a water heater timer installed to receive the rebate. The timer and installation is provided by Clark County REMC. You will be credited a one time credit of $25 after the timer is installed as part of our Take the Load Off program.
  • All water heaters furnished by Clark County REMC have an energy factor of .90 or higher. The energy efficiency of a water heater is measured by its energy factor. The higher the energy factor, the better.


Hybrid Water Heater

The State Premier hybrid water heater offers consumers an energy-efficient alternative to standard water heating technology, saving an average consumer about $437 yearly on their water heating utility bills. 

The State Premier Hybrid Water Heater combines energy-saving heat-pump technology with traditional electric heating systems used in most conventional water heaters on the market today.

Clark County REMC offers the State Premier Hybrid Electric Water Heater. Water heaters may be purchased at the REMC or any other supply stores. 

By purchasing a hybrid from the REMC you are receiving a $500 rebate that has already been applied to the price below.  

** This is for REMC members only. The price below does not include additional work if needed for plumbing or electrical. 

For more information regarding the State Premier Hybrid Water Heater please click on the link below:

50 gallon State Select Hybrid Water Heater
80 gallon State Select Hybrid Water Heater


Hybrid Water Heater (State Premier)

Size PurchasePrice (Self Install) One Call Install (REMC install)
50 Gallon $529 + tax $999 + tax
80 Gallon  $959 + tax $1,599 + tax







Any additional charge outside of the normal installed price is charged back to the member. The member will be made aware of any additional charges prior to the installation. An adult must be present during installation. Charges may be applied to the member bill if the account is over 12 months old and has established a satisfactory payment history. 

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